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09 January 2006

The History Of The Swiss Army Knives

Do you want to know more about the Swiss Army company's history. Well, check this site I found where they talk about the history of the company that is over 100 years old!! Yes that's true, here's a sample:

The VICTORINOX "Swiss Army Knife" is over100 Years Old. This useful pocket MultiTool was legally registered on June 12, 1897. Over 34,000 of these pocket tools with the distinctive Swiss cross leave the factory in central Switzerland each day.

Ninety per cent are for export to over 100 different countries and serve as ambassadors for Switzerland.

Carl Elsener, the company founder, wanted to create work in sparsely industrialized central Switzerland and counter the emigration spawned by unemployment. To go from hand-crafting to industrial production was at the time adventurous and required enormous determination. Today, this family business in Schwyz provides 950 jobs.

Read the whole article at Swiss Army Knife History


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