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30 November 2005

The Swiss Army Pen

Yes, you think you've seen it all, but everyday there is a surprise coming our way. This is the Swiss Army Knife/Pen by Wagner of Switzerland. As you can see on the technical drawing it not only includes the classi victorinox tools, but it also includes a LED minilight on the back of the pen. Really cool stuff! I, in particular find it very useful, since I like to draw.

The pen body is based on the GP11 design (authentic Swiss Army rifle cartridge), with a twist action mechanism. The ink cartridge is made by Fisher Space Pen, and will write upside down, on grease or glossy surfaces, underwater, in zero gravity, freezing cold (-50F) and extreme heat (+400F). Lasts three times longer than ordinary cartridges and stores for 100 years.

Can use either pen or stylus refill at a time. Not a duo pen. STYLUS NOT INCLUDED Warranted for two years by Wagner of Switzerland.