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29 December 2005

Become a SwissChamp!

Do you know how can you survive on the wild with a complete set of tools that can be carried in your pocket? Think no more my friend!! Look at this Swiss Army knife / tool. It is called the Swisschamp and is a complete evolution from the standard Swiss Army Knife. Just look at its features:

1. Large blade
2. Small blade

3. Can opener

4. Small screwdriver

5. Bottle opener with

6. large screwdriver &
7. wire stripper

8. Scissors

9. Pliers with

10. wire cutter

11. Wood saw

12. Fish scaler with

13. hook disgorger &

14. ruler

15. Metal saw with

16. metal file
17. nail file

18. Magnifying glass

19. Reamer with sewing eye

20. Phillips screwdriver

21. Corkscrew

22. Hook

23. Wood chisel

24. Fine screwdriver

25. Mini-screwdriver

26. Ballpoint pen

27. Pin

28. Toothpick

29. Tweezers

30. Key ring.

Also available in black, with a survival kit, or "completely loaded" with 50 tools.
Wow, it just tires to write them. You could build a house with that knife! ;)

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28 December 2005

Swiss Army Chronograph

Remember the first watch you got? The first "real" watch (not the one's with rubber or that have disney character on them). I remember my first watch was the a Swiss Army Chronograph. There's something about a watch that gives you power and style. The swiss army chronograph is a great watch, with a date display and stainless steel. A perfect gift or treat for yourself!

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23 December 2005

The Swiss Army Spray

Hey, do you want to smell good? Like the plants of the Swiss Alps?

Well, in case you didn't knew, Swiss Army also produces fragrances for both men and women. This one right here is the classic Swiss Army Spray, the most popular of all Swiss Army fragrances. And it is true - this citrus spray is made of plants from the Swiss Alps. Plants such as Edelweiss, Swiss Cedarwood and Apenzell Fir.

Unlike other fragrances, this comes in bigger size, that guarantees you won't run out of it just before your dream date. ;) And the bottle is really nice too. Silver and elegant. Swiss Army Style.

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21 December 2005

Swiss Army's Extreme II Watch

This watch rocks! Really, I just bought it for Christmas, and I must say the Extreme II Watch is great. Well, if you are into adventure sports and camping, this watch is perfect for you, since it’s hard and comfortable. Plus it’s great looking. It follows the elegant line of the Swiss Army Watches. A black dial with bold yellow accents and a black nylon strap. Nice..

Features include: Water-resistance to 50m (165 ft.), Swiss quartz movement accurate to 1/10th of a second per day, Date display, Luminous hands and markers that recharge in seconds, Curved scratch-resistant mineral crystal, and extra-rugged nylon strap with Velcro closure.

If you are still looking for the perfect gift this Christmas, you could be in front of one of the best out there.

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19 December 2005

Swiss Army Startech 3000

This watch is the bomb! Actually almost all swiss army watches have something unique about them. If you want to give a guy a great gift this Christmas I recommend the Swiss Army Startech 3000. I hope my wife gets me this for christmas! ;)

The Swiss Army Startech 3000 analog/digital chronograph features a 30,000-foot altimeter, a timer with 1/100 of a second precision, a barometer and a thermometer (°F or °C).

Also offers a day/date/month calendar, alarm, dual time and water-resistance to 100 feet. Scratch-resistant mineral crystal and a lightweight aluminum case with comfortable integrated black rubber strap.

Batteries last 4 to 5 years and are included. Three-year limited warranty.

The Swiss Army Startech 3000 Wrist Watch sells for $274.95 at The Sharper Image

Learn more the Swiss Army Startech 3000

15 December 2005

Swiss Army Knife with MP3: s.beat

Just when I thought nothing could ever top the Swiss Army Knife USB key, Swissbit has come up with the s.beat, a Swiss Army knife with a built-in MP3 player. It’ll be available in 1, 2, and 4GB capacities, and support MP3, WMA, even OGG Vorbis! As if that’s not enough, there is also an FM tuner with six presets, a high-contrast LCD display, and a protective cap for the USB port, just in case you want to take it out of the knife entirely. But thats not all! A remote control, a set of headphones, a USB cable, and a rubber arm strap complete the Swiss Army package. Of course, there’s also the standard knife, file, screwdriver, and scissors, a wonderful classic which makes this mp3 player different from all others.

The 1GB and 2GB versions are starting at US$276 and US$415 respectively, while the 4GB version hits shelves in Spring 2006 for an unconfirmed price. But until then this will surely be one of the best christmas presents ever.

Read more about the s.beat

13 December 2005

Midnight Mini Champ II with Stylus

Requirements: A pocket or key ring and a PDA to use the stylus on.
Rating: 5 Stars (overall); Very Easy To Use

Measuring at 58mm x 2.28 inches and weighing about as much as my Toshiba e570 Pocket PC the Midnight Mini Champ II (An Original Swiss Army Knife with Stylus) is only available in many colors. It has eight blades that work like a typically knife, swinging outward and include: a small blade, scissors, nail file with cleaner, emergency blade, cut and picket blade with scraper, cap lifter with magnetic Phillips screwdriver and wire stripper, ruler with screwdriver (flat head), and a cuticle pusher. And in the typical Swiss fashion there are a few more tools that include a mini light (red) for finding key holes, a key ring, and the tool that caught my interest, a retractable stylus.

You might be wondering, what are the practical needs for a stylus in a knife other than the "cool" factor? After using The Midnight Mini Champ II (An Original Swiss Army Knife with Stylus) for about a month I came to appreciate this tiny, 2cm stylus tip that tucks itself away inside an awesome gadget of itself. I found it to be very handy while sitting at my desk in my office with my Toshiba e570 sitting in its cradle. An alarm would sound and my options are either to reach around and take the stylus out of the device which is a little awkward, dismiss the notification with finger or since I often leave The Midnight Mini Champ II (An Original Swiss Army Knife with Stylus) near my keyboard I just pick it up, slide out the retractable stylus and tap "Dismiss". Another time the retractable stylus is useful is when I am using my Palm Vx at night in the dark. I can easily press the Swiss logo to activate the red light which is next to the retractable stylus tip so it serves as an easy way to illuminate the otherwise non-lit Graffiti area on the Palm Vx.

Next to my Toshiba e570 The Midnight Mini Champ II (An Original Swiss Army Knife with Stylus) is one of those gadgets that I take everywhere with me; my second most valuable personal tool.

10 December 2005

Victorinox® Mobilizer NXT 3.0

Are you a traveler? Well if you want to keep that Swiss Army Style, you better check the Swiss Army Luggage. The model for today is the Victorinox Mobilizer NXT 3.0 by Swiss Army Brands.

So, what's with that big name you might be asking yourself. This bag is un upgrade from previous model for the Mobilizer Collection. It has upward mobility - widening the lead, giving also a much comfortable way of traveling. The Upgraded enhancements of Mobilizer NXT 3.0 Collection, provide an ingenious blend of luxurious style and cutting edge packing and traveling functionality. Together with a Swiss Army Knife, you are truly unstoppable. But of course make sure it is the right product for you. Most Swiss Army Accesories are different only by little details, which in the end make a big difference.

Voyager Lite

The "Voyager Lite", a new top product of the world-famous Victorinox range is about to hit the market.
Despite its 23 functional and useful tools it weights only 112 grams and can easily be accommodated in your checked-in luggage.
The new and especially important features of the Voyager Light are the integrated white LED flashlight, the digital Clock with Alarm and Timer.
Apart from these features Voyager Light also includes the proven scissors, can opener and bottle opener, four different screwdrivers, a pair of tweezers, toothpick and ballpoint pen.
Yours indispensable Companion!

06 December 2005

Swiss Army Knife USB

There is no better way than to start out this blog with the amazing Swiss Army knife USB.

We realize this gorgeous Swiss Army knife, with a built-in USB flash drive, is probably causing you to become very excited and thus filling you with an almost uncontrollable drooling action. The Swiss Army knife USB is a dream gadget brought to life

The Swiss Memory USB is the perfect combination of technology, practicality, materials, and quality design. It perfectly pulls together four important tools that no man should ever be without (USB flash drive, LED light, Swiss Army knife, ballpoint pen). These functions have been skillfully integrated into this single super tool. Along with all these great features you also get the legendary construction quality and materials that Swiss Army knives have become famous for throughout the world. The USB flash drive portion of the knife can easily be removed, for safe airline travel (and successful passage thru security).

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